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East 64th Townhouse – New York, NY

East 64th Townhouse – New York, NY

Cervinka & Company
Project Information
Originally built in 1879 by Jonas Langfeld, this 19th Century Brownstone was a little bit different from the rest on the same block. The architect had designed a house where two of the three bays extended past the property line, creating a unique and charming façade that still remains. The Residence was sold to the Libman Family, a Polish family that migrated to New York in the mid 1800’s, where it would later become home to one of the children Emanuel Libman. He had a very successful career as a Medical Practitioner, which included seeing patients such as Albert Einstein. Following this the house was converted into a multi-residence unit until it was more recently purchased in 1997 and converted back into a single family residence. The architectural façade still manages to catch the eye of passerby’s to this day.
Product Information
Meranti Wood Tilt Turn Windows
Meranti Wood Tilt Turn French Doors
Oak Wood Custom Entrance Door
Wood+ Meranti Landmark Windows and Doors
W+2800 Tilt Turn Windows
W+4000 Inswing Doors
Interior Clear Urethane Stain
Custom Brick Molding to Replicate Original Historic Windows
Steel Multipoint Locking Hardware
Steel Tilt Turn Hardware
Custom Profile Glazing Beads
Glass Information
Guardian Industries Glass
1-1/8" double pane insulating glass
Low iron for optimal clarity
low E coating for increase energy efficiency