145 Sixth Avenue
Project Information

Originally built in 1920 this Commercial Loft Building was designed and re-developed in 2004 by Flank Architecture and built by Foundations Group. The building spanned 70,000 square feet across 8 floors and consisted of 24 loft-style apartments. Panoramic installed all windows with the Josko Meranti Wood Aluminum Clad System. All Units were Fixed Windows or Tilt Turn Windows, which were fitted with child safety locks and multipoint locking hardware. The exterior Aluminum Cladding was powdercoated in a custom color, and high energy saving frame and glazing were used to meet project specifications.

Property Type 

FLANK Architecture.


Foundations Group

Glass Information Guardian Industries Glass 1-7/8" triple pane insulating glass Low iron for optimal clarity low E coating for increase energy efficiency
Product Information Josko Meranti Wood Fixed Windows Josko Meranti Wood Tilt Turn Windows Custom Brick Molding Powdercoated Exterior Aluminum Cladding Steel Multipoint Locking Hardware Steel Tilt Turn Hardware Child Safety locks on all operable Tilt Turn Windows High Energy Saving Frame and Glazing

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