The ORNILUX® frames are designed for strength and bird safety, yet have a slim and beautiful aesthetic. With a variety of options, ORNILUX® products can fit any architectural style and project needs, from traditional to modern.

The thin profiles and elegant lines give ORNILUX® windows and doors a lightweight look, creating minimalist appeal. The focus is on clean, uncluttered style, while the durable construction ensures lasting quality that outlives trends. ORNILUX® couples style with proven bird safety technology.

The ORNILUX® manufacturing process utilizes modern materials and precision machinery to produce energy efficient windows and doors with maximum bird strike protection.

The ORNILUX® bird safety glass has been tested to significantly reduce bird strikes. It combines complex window and facade concepts with optimal bird protection. Multiple invisible and visible glass options are available to suit design needs while protecting birds.


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Unit Styles

Fixed Windows

Sidelights and Transoms

Casement Windows

Hopper Windows


Door Pairs

Sliding Doors

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Project Types


Multi-Family Residential





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